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Exciting News!

The Justice Climate Fund has been selected for the

EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund program. Read our official

statement here. Stay tuned for further updates.

Empowering Communities

for a Greener America

Join us in our mission to reduce carbon and other pollution, improve lives and generate investment and opportunities in communities across the United States, starting in low-income and disadvantaged areas.

JCF by the



Coalition Partners


of American Families

Covered by the JCF



Climate Equity Advocates


Green Banks, Minority Depository Institutions (MDIs), Housing

Finance Agencies and Accelerators


Community Development

Financial Institutions(CDFIs)

  • 87.4%

    • of Persistent Poverty Populations Served by Coalition Members

  • 57.6%

    • of Tribal Populations Served by Coalition Members

  • $12.21 B

    • Our Request to the NCIF

  • $4.4 B

    • Our Request to the CCIA

Meet our coalition partners

Already Serving

1200+ Communities

Across the USA

More about us

Our Vision for Climate Equity

The Justice Climate Fund is a purpose-built nonprofit financial institution that is building the field and deploying capital through Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs), credit unions, Minority Depository Institutions (MDIs) and green banks to enable families, communities and businesses to save money while investing in a greener and safer future.

Who is JCF?

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Better-Paying Jobs

What Do We Do?

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Healthier Air

Cleaner Water

Why support us?

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Solar PV and BatteryHeat PumpBattery and EV ChargerElectric VehicleWeatherizationHome Value Improvement

Transforming Lives,

One Project at a Time

Addressing climate change goes beyond environmental impact...

... it's also about improving people's lives. Our plan to fund green projects in low-income and disadvantaged communities will deliver healthier air, greener transportation, cleaner water and better-paying jobs to communities across the country.

Picture a future where the JCF network of community lenders funds smaller-scale renewable energy, clean transportation, and energy-efficient homes and buildings, resulting in reduced pollution, improved climate resilience and better lives.

  • $113,200

    • total lifetime savings*

  • $130,000

    • in reduced healthcare costs**

  • 59 MT CO2e

    • net lifetime emissions reduction

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*x2 annual median income for LIDAC family in No. California. **Assuming full deployment across a community; source EPA COBRA

"The Justice Climate Fund strives to rewrite the narrative of environmental justice. We are working to ensure that zip codes do not dictate people’s destiny and that every voice is heard in our shared mission to build a just and sustainable future."

Lenwood V. Long, Sr

JCF Board Chair and President/Chief Executive Officer, African American Alliance of CFDI CEOs

The National Association for Latino Community Asset Builders is a core partner of the Justice Climate Fund. We are working to ensure that communities who are most impacted by climate injustice will benefit from the EPA’s GGRF. Latinos live in some of the most environmentally vulnerable states. We are determined and united to ensure that nuestra gente are not left behind!

Marla Bilonick

JCF Board Vice-Chair and President and CEO, National Association For Latino Community Asset Builders

"JCF represents a truly diverse coalition of mission-based lenders seeking to promote climate justice, economic justice, and racial equity. As a JCF board member, I strongly encourage all CDFIs and climate lenders to join our applications to the EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund."

Jeannine Jacokes

JCF Board Member and Chief Executive Officer, Community Development Bankers Association

Oweesta has partnered with JCF in support of a mutual goal—to bring equality to underserved, and often overlooked, communities of color. It is important that we provide the means for our Native people to access GGRF awards, which will bring clean energy and ultimately economic growth to Tribal lands.

Chrystel A. Cornelius

JCF Board Member and President and CEO, Oweesta Corporation

"The ImpactAssets team is pleased to partner with JCF to direct capital to the projects and communities where it is most urgently needed, and we look forward to bringing your unwavering focus on climate and equity solutions to this most important work of our time."

Margret Trilli

JCF Board member and CEO and CIO, Impact Assets

"I support the Justice Climate Fund’s goal to invest in renewable energy and energy efficient homes to make a positive impact on the community."

Edward Gaston

Founder/COO, Wealth Watchers

Justice Climate Fund’s (JCF) work with its partners and stakeholders is essential to communities often left behind with innovative products and solutions. JCF has created a coalition of great organizations working together to solve climate challenges from financial, equity, and social justice perspectives.

Carla Mannings

Chief Investment and Impact Officer, Partners for the Common Good